This issue has two parameters for you to examine: The acoustics of the hall, and whether the acoustic level suits your requirements. When you speak into the microphone, can someone on the far end of the hall hear you clearly? When someone else speaks, can you hear him clearly? It is also important to ensure that the DJ sound system functions as it should. Checking this equipment is a significant factor for every event.

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If the venue has a garden, it is important to check whether it is possible to turn it into a roofed garden in the winter. If your event takes place during the summer during the day, it is important to ensure that there’s an operational air conditioning system and shade available in the garden.



You should certainly not forget to verify the type and quality of the catering. Venues in Jerusalem, much like in other big cities, will usually offer a gourmet menu with a variety of styles: meat and vegetarian menus and traditional ethnic foods, etc. It is important to ensure that the quality of the food is satisfactory and order special dishes for guests that do not eat meat or any other specific cases.